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It's Time to Wake Up and Get NEW BUSINESS

Thank you for wanting to learn more about me...

I believe that we all have special gifts to share and in sharing mine, my hope is that I can inspire and make a difference in the life and success of a small business owner or budding entrepreneur.

My gift comes packaged not in some fancy wrapping paper or a pretty bow, but instead purposely wrapped to be unravelled through my experiences, challenges and journey of being a small business owner. From learning to embrace breakdowns as breakthroughs to cleverly awakening to new ways of thinking, discovering and being, from creating new strategies, ideas, values and relationships that will drastically impact your business success.

You must believe again that your business growth is inevitable.

I have created YOUR BUSINESS WINGS  just for you...

“This is how I am Made On Purpose”

I have never been a 9-5er or happy employee, I’m just not made that way, but I have been noted to be somewhat a bit of a daydreamer or visionary one with deep entrepreneur spirit and drive.

I have always been open-minded, insightful and highly intuitive with all people.

I would always be the one to take on challenges, embrace change, believe in my capabilities and not accept limitations but just plough through the tough stuff, and look forward not back.

I am a self-taught business person getting my education from the school of red knuckles and thick skin

From being on the front lines, buried in the trenches, getting bruised and burned along the way but willing and yearning to share my stories. I am full of entrepreneurial spirit and am passionate and sincere about peering deeper to unveil and then polish the hidden gemstones that reside inside my clients.

I have a knack for creating and asking the right profound questions that spark a sense of courage, confidence and driven purpose.

My creative side allows me to craft real defining messages ... to be showcased and shared whether on the front stage, in a presentation or displayed in my client's marketing collaterals.

My family and close friends tell me that I have unbridled energy that needs to be tamed, enthusiasm on fire and a deep-rooted passion to want to bring out the best in people both personally and professionally.

I believe that everyone has some brilliance and greatness in them, some have it stuck and need a gentle nudge to help find its way to the surface while others need the full x-ray to really see that it exists inside before they believe it.

My 15 years plus in new business development encompasses expertise in the areas of cold calling, marketing and sales methodologies, vision and personal development. . and have inspired me to create programs such as Your Call Matters, Call Coach, Kissed Enough Frogs lately CHAOTIC CATERPILLAR journey and INSTAR to help my hundreds of my clients whether at thought start-up or growth stage own prospecting, craft real defining messages and statements that showcase their intrinsic value and believability factor, instantly build more meaningful business relationships and close more sales and new opportunities.

I have a supporting loving husband of  21years, a blended family consisting of a 33year old 29, 19 and a 13-year-old son born with down syndrome.

All my children continue to be my driving force to my greatness and my guiding bright light in my life ...but it's my 13year old with special needs, Jared, who has continued to encourage me in my life but also surprisingly teach me valuable lessons and principles which I have applied in my business to “reach for the stars”, “anything is possible”, to fight for what you believe in and value in spite of indifference or what others may think, say or do. To just go for it holding back, find your voice, what you stand for, to appreciate and to instil human qualities that shine above all else like compassion, kindness, understanding, love and happiness (and a little tolerance and patience goes a long way too).

To know that your words, uniqueness, expression, messages and how you communicate them will come once you’ve done the work, are in front of the right people and you’ve practiced, practiced, practiced.. and soon enough you’ll be ready to fly.

A beautiful smile, a warm hug encouragement and acknowledgement is really all that anyone ever needs to brighten their day, warm their hearts and inspire people to rise to be the best they can be.

it’s time now to move my business from one to one to one too many ... and to share my story and impart my knowledge ..... so... I’ve been busy working on a 12-week Business Workshop for all you Chaotic Caterpillars

and I have had some help from the universe over the past years putting the right people and the right opportunities in my path and allowing me my sacred quiet- time and space to put my thoughts to paper and create my program called INSTAR…so that you can finally WAKE UP YOUR RESTING POTENTIAL and believe that your business growth is inevitable!

My Journey Continued: About
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