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Bernice Schnick is an Inspired Identity Transformation Strategist, and Ready-Made Sales Generator, the principle of Your Business Wings an entrepreneurial business that serves heart-centered businesses, sales reps, and their organizations as well as budding entrepreneurial minds. 


She helps her clients wake up their resting potential, make an identity transformation which she calls their J connection, discover and share the intrinsic value they offer, allowing them to lead and grow their business with passion, purpose, and a little Moxy ….Ultimately creating READY-MADE SALES GENERATOR.

Bernice is an energetic, captivating speaker, workshop facilitator and advocate for the small business and has been told that she intuitively brings out the best in her clients both personally and professionally where they feel inspired, motivated, and enlightened to make a difference.

She has created two signature programs Kissed Enough Frogs Lately. All about bringing humor and fun back into the game of prospecting and Caterpillar Chaos, a Deep Discovery process and   journey to greatness workshop

Bernice is proud to say that she has launched her first book called Discover your Business Wings and holds on to her grander vision (manifesting now) of creating INSTAR offered through a workshop series as well as an e-learning program.

As an author, inspirational speaker, workshop facilitator, and International trainer she will impart her unique sales and business engagement methodologies and share her pearls to help you Be A New Breed Of Successful Business!  


    “ your business wings are there, they are just transparent right now, if you do the inner work, instill believability and own your vision then your business growth is inevitable” - Bernice Schnick

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Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind. Be led by the dreams in your heart.

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