So true to the name – “Discover your business wings” INSTAR, that’s precisely what we felt after a 5 day Sales workshop with Bernice at our corporate office in Bur Dubai. We, a 6-year-old organization in the most dynamic and talked of business of “Cybersecurity & IT GRC”; are going through a rollercoaster of growth. All of us busy in our day to day tasks till Bernice shuts us in her room of metamorphosis. Imagine all of us stakeholders locked in that room, and to our surprise, we transitioned to be a “houseful of innovative fierce ideas”. We came out of it with a new direction, a new look of our website, our sales proposals were given an overhaul and replaced with Value Transfer Offers, Real defining statements are now clearer and have more bravado and punch, and we hit the ground running with a new vision for our marketing collaterals etc. Had it not been for her unique methodologies and “in-depth shake us to the core sessions that allowed us all to dive deep to unveil our True Intrinsic Value, our vision, thoughts and ideas would still be rusted, and not realized. Thank you again for this amazing session. We are now ready to fly higher.


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